Technical Data

Commercial Wall Coverings with a Conscience

Moisture Management / Micro-venting

Vinyl wall covering functions as a vapour barrier. If water or moisture becomes trapped between the wall covering and the wall cavity, an increased risk of mould may occur. Consult a building design professional on the proper use of vinyl wall covering.

A mould/mildew inhibiting agent has been added to most wall coverings to help protect against fungal and other microbial growth. No additives, however, will prevent mould growth if moisture is allowed to accumulate, and its sources are not eliminated. Further protection against mould may be achieved through micro-venting/perforating the wall covering.


All of Odyssey’s commercial grade wall coverings are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and material for five years when wall coverings are installed properly on a sound wall, adequately maintained and used under normal conditions.

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