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Commercial Wall Coverings with a Conscience

Digital Imaging... Alternative and Natural Fibre Wall Coverings… Acoustical Wall Coverings... Cork Wall Coverings and Textiles… Many walls require functional as well as aesthetic wall coverings.

At Odyssey, we have compiled a collection of specialty wall coverings ideal for Schools, Theatres, Healthcare Facilities, Hotels, and Corporate settings that offer function, durability and style. Imagine the Possibilities!

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Digital Imaging

The world is your oyster when it comes to digital imaging solutions from Odyssey. We can digitally duplicate any custom artwork you provide us on commercial wall covering to cover entire walls or 12” squares in high resolution printing.


Alternative and Natural Fiber Wall Coverings

We always explore the opportunity to ever-increase our range of alternative and natural products, materials, and methods.  From raw materials and traditional processes, we are able to offer high end, innovative handmade designs which delight in their unique qualities and appearance providing the very best standard of craftsmanship and finish in the market today.

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ABA Interiors

ABA is recognized for sourcing and developing alternative and all natural products which consistently results in the unusual and spectacular designs that they are known for.

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Best of Asia IV - New!

This collection combines environmentally friendly and natural fibers in interesting patterns and sophisticated hues to bring a welcome sense of easy elegance to these handcrafted grasscloths, paperweaves, textiles, micas, and metallics.

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Elegance Cork Wall Coverings and Textiles


For centuries, cork has served as one of the most widely used and versatile raw materials found in nature. Sustainable, renewable, natural cork for wall coverings, upholstery, and other uses. The distinct appearance of cork makes it an excellent material choice for decorating purposes, suitable for commercial and residential.

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Acoustical Wall Coverings

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Our needlebond, easy to clean acoustical wall coverings provide exceptional performance in reducing noise for any acoustical, commercial and operable wall applications, making them the ultimate solution for theatres, schools, and office interiors. Wall coverings are available to meet the stringent flammability and noise reduction requirements of public facilities.

Please contact your local representative for more information about acoustical wall coverings.

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